New Faculty Mentors

Senior faculty mentors are valuable assets in helping new faculty understand the context of many new responsibilities. The goals of the New Faculty Mentor Program are to:

- welcome new faculty to the institution and community of Anderson University.

- pair new faculty with senior faculty members for who can answer questions, provide advice, and help familiarize new faculty members with the culture of Anderson University. 

- assist faculty in understanding how to best fulfill their responsibilities. 

- enhance each faculty member’s ability to contribute to the mission of Anderson University in his or her own way.

Professor Greg Allgood

Greg serves as the Associate Director of Campus Worship, and teaches in the College of Christian Studies. He's been at AU since 1996.

Professor Nathan Cox

Nathan was hired to teach ceramics and sculpture in 2002. He's served as Associate and Interim Dean of the School of the Arts, and is currently an Assistant Provost and director of the CLTE.

Professor Joni Criswell

Joni has been at Anderson since 2013. She teaches Animal Physiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology in the Biology Department.

Dr. Robby Franklin

Robby teaches Psychology, actively publishes his research, and serves on multiple committees. He was drawn to AU by his interest in the integration of faith and learning, in 2013.

Dr. Bob Hanley

Bob teaches Composition and Literature, chairs the Dept. of English, and is the Vice Provost of Advising. He's been at AU since 1979, having served in many administrative capacities.

Professor Deanna Hiott

Deanna teaches undergraduate pediatric nursing courses and graduate nursing courses focused on research and inter-professional collaboration. She's taught at AU since 2015.

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Professor Rob Homer-Drummond

Rob Homer-Drummond, a.k.a. "HD," has taught acting and directing in the Theatre Department at AU since 2011. He also directs student productions in the AU Playhouse. 

Dr. Candace Livingston

Candace is a Professor of Art History in the Dept. of Art & Design. She's been teaching at AU since 2012, and is also a trained archeologist, and frequently lectures abroad during the summer months.

Dr. Patty Slaughter

Patty is an Associate Professor of Psychology in the Dept. of Behavioral Sciences, which she also chairs. She has been at AU since 2011.

Professor Tim Speaker

Tim has taught graphic design since 2008. He specializes in typography and the history of design, and frequently leads students on study abroad trips.

Dr. Anna Lee Travis

Anna Lee holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is an Assistant Professor of Biology. She has been teaching at Anderson since 2012.

Dr. Meg Walworth

Associate Professor of Education, Meg has taught Elementary Education at AU since 2007, and served on many faculty committees.

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