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New Faculty Mentors

Senior faculty mentors are valuable sources of guidance in helping new faculty understand the context of many new responsibilities. The goals of the New Faculty Mentor Program are to:

- welcome new faculty to the institution and community of Anderson University.

- pair new faculty with colleagues who can answer questions, provide advice, and help familiarize them with the culture of AU.

- assist faculty in understanding how to best fulfill their various responsibilities.

- enhance each faculty member’s ability to contribute to the mission of Anderson University in his or her own way.

Professor Greg Allgood

​Greg been at AU since 1996. He serves as the Associate Director of Campus Worship, and teaches in the College of Christian Studies. He has a passion for ministering to students and seeing them grow in their faith and commitment to Christ.

Professor Nathan Cox

Nathan was hired to teach ceramics and sculpture in 2002. He's served as Associate and Interim Dean of the School of the Arts, and is currently Assistant Provost and director of the Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence.

Dr. Joni Criswell

​Joni has been at Anderson since 2013. She teaches Animal Physiology, Human Anatomy, and Physiology in the Biology Department. She is committed to helping students connect the science they study with the faith that they live.

Dr. Roger Flynn

Roger is the Chair of Department of History and Political Science, where he has taught American History, American Government and Foreign Policy since 2012. He appreciates that the faculty here treat each other more like family, rather than competitors.

Dr. Chris Hansen

Chris teaches methods and research courses in the Graduate Music Ed program, and is director of the Anderson University Choir​. Hired in 2017, Chris is known for innovatively leveraging technology in both his face-to-face and online courses.

Dr. Deana Hiott

Deanna teaches undergraduate pediatric nursing and graduate nursing courses focused on research and inter-professional collaboration. Her passion for research and teaching has been clearly evident to her students at AU since 2015.

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Dr. Howard Murphy

Howard has been at Anderson since 2012, following almost three decades of service with the U.S. Army and Army Reserves. He teaches homeland security, emergency services management, and criminal justice courses in the School of Public Service and Administration.

Dr. David Perry

David teaches graduate and undergraduate music and music ed courses, and serves as Chair of the Music Department. He's been at AU since 2005, and brings a wealth of experience from teaching music in the public schools for 20 years.

Dr. Meg Walworth

Meg has taught science and literacy courses in the College of Education since 2007. She also serves as Coordinator of the Traditional Academic Advising Program in the CLTE. Her students affectionately know her as Dr. Meg.

Dr. Katherine Wyma

Katherine has taught English Composition and Communication, World Literature, and Creative inquiry Through Literature at AU since 2015. She thrives on challenging and supporting her students with innovative approaches to learning.